The Taurus New Moon and a Fiery Friday

Happy New Moon, everybody!

As I discussed in the last newsletter, we have beautiful aspects Wednesday and Thursday – with the New Moon in the sign of her exaltation (Taurus) and Venus in the sign of HER exaltation (Pisces), and the two goddesses forming a sextile to each other for the Moon’s closing aspect Thursday evening.

The New Moon perfected Wednesday morning at 8:16 AM Eastern US time, landing at 6 degrees, 27 minutes Taurus in the Zodiac. Look for new beginnings, and plant new seeds, especially in the House where 6 Taurus lands in your chart.

The Sabian Image for the Sun and Moon at 6 – 7 degrees Taurus is “A Woman of Samaria Comes to Draw Water from Jacob’s Well,” an allusion to the Book of John, in which Jesus reveals himself to the Samaritan woman, declaring, “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.”

According to astrologer Lynda Hill, “This Symbol calls for universal love to be available to everyone. It speaks to the need to dispel prejudice, either given or received. With this Symbol, there can be the urge to seek and to find acceptance, love, and redemption.”

It’s a timely reminder for us all, a moment of grace or respite in the midst of a rocking-and-rolling year.

Seize the day, because things will get hot again later in the week and May is absolutely out of control. On Friday morning, Venus re-enters Aries at 9:13 AM Eastern US time, THEN Mercury joins Uranus (who is, by the way, still in orb of his conjunction to Eris) in Aries at 10:49 AM Eastern US time.

Expect shocking news, breakthroughs, and angry women. I’m hoping that Congress gets a spending bill together, to avert government shutdown, by the end of the day on Thursday. As of Friday (the deadline), we’ll all be even LESS inclined to compromise than usual.

The New Moon chart also features a major configuration called a Key, which will “open” the area of the sky between 29 Pisces and 29 Aries. If you have planets in that section of your chart, pay attention to messages from and for them. What you learn now is crucial to your destiny.

Altogether, this is an especially “fated” New Moon chart, with two Hammers of Thor and a Finger of God, marking major directional shifts and, perhaps, endings. Don’t get discouraged if something leaves you life; it’s tied to the next thing coming in.

That being said, it is also a wonderful time to manifest (Taurus) your desires (Venus). Take at least a few minutes today for a New Moon ritual of some kind. Summon your Fairy Godmother! Wish upon a star! Do whatever works for you, to get your subconscious on board with what you want to create.

And if you’d like more suggestions, or more information on the chart, you may want to check out my Taurus New Moon webinar, now available for purchase and download.

Big Venusian hugs to one and all!


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