The New Moon in Leo, Venus Star Point, & an Ear

Dear friends,There’s a Leo New Moon on its way, in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, made especially potent by the recent Venus Star Point in Leo.

When Venus and the Sun meet up, as they did last weekend, they kick off a new 8-year creative cycle. Think back to Augusts past in 4-year increments. What were you working on back in the summer of 2019, 2015? How has your desire-and-creativity life changed course?

On Wednesday, August 16 at 5:37 AM Eastern US time, the Sun and Moon will meet up at 23 degrees, 17 minutes Leo, still in orb of their conjunctions to the Goddess of Love, who is moving retrograde at 18 degrees, 39 minutes Leo. (Scroll down for an image of the chart!)

When the New Moon chart is cast for Washington, DC — and this chart rules the whole of the US, since the nation’s capital is there — we find Leo rising, with our sparkly Leo Luminary friends landing in the First House of Identity. This is your time to shine!

Jupiter, the ruler of good luck, is the highest planet in the chart, just minutes away from the World Axis Point of 15 Taurus. He and Uranus are together in the Tenth House of Careers, receiving a supportive trine from Pallas Athena, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo. Well begun is half done, and little and often makes much! Your granular, consistent hard work over time is beginning to pay off in a big, splashy way.

With Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn, the Taurus and Virgo planets form a Grand Trine in Earth. “Manifestation” is the keyword and now is the time. Commit to doing all in your power towards the realization of your goals, and you’ll find what Joseph Campbell called “a thousand unseen helping hands,” filling in the gaps.

Mars, God of Action, trines Uranus first and then Pluto, encouraging bold moves, and pushing all our bright ideas forward into physical reality.

Juno, the Goddess of Marriage, enters Leo today, turning over a new leaf on relationship drama. Just because you’re a star doesn’t mean somebody else can’t be! There is room for everyone to shine in their own way.

This week’s sky also features a complex configuration called an Ear, first identified by Swiss astrologers Bruno and Louise Huber. The Ear consists of two (or more) planets that are sextile to each other, and another that semisextiles both. As you can see from the chart below, our stellium in Leo (Sun, Moon, and Venus) forms a sextile to Ceres in Libra, with the stellium in Virgo (Pallas Athena, Mercury, and Mars) in between them.

Ears are for hearing, so listen up! It’s a GREAT time to glean wise new ideas for how to move forward.

For more information on the Ear, the Venus Star Point, and the New Moon in Leo, I invite you to join me for my monthly New Moon Manifestation Circle Webinar [ETA: here’s the link to purchase the recordings and slides]. If you can’t make it to the live event, check my website tomorrow for a link to buy recordings and slides!

Either way, I hope you’ll do a personal ritual this week to celebrate yourself and invoke your desires. It’s a juicy, juicy sky!

Big hugs,

The New Moon in Leo
Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at 5:37 AM EDT
Chart for Washington, DC