Lunar New Year and the New Moon in Aquarius

Dear friends,

There’s a new cycle ahead, beginning next Thursday, February 11, with a juicy New Moon in Aquarius — a Moon that also marks the Lunar New Year within cultures all around the globe

In Chinese astrology, this year will be symbolized by the Metal Ox: a valuable, hardworking, Saturnian creature, dwelling in the element of clarity. Clarity is also a keyword for the chart, which includes a stunning SEVEN planets in Aquarius: with the Sun and Moon meeting at 23 degrees of that sign, and Venus tightly clinging to Jupiter at 12. (Scroll down to view the chart below!)

Each of these planets is answering to Saturn in Aquarius, who is answering to himself . . . and when the New Moon chart is cast for Washington, DC, the Aquarian planets all fall in the Eighth and Ninth Houses. Aquarius has unparalleled power to see the big picture, while Saturn rules karma and justice; in Houses Eight and Nine, our Aquarius planets are making plain the secrets of the past. This is a chart for forensic accounting, and perhaps a more-successful second impeachment.

Saturn furthermore aspects the Part of Treachery, suggesting that skeletons just won’t stay buried.

Spica, a Fixed Star of clear-seeing and partnership, who lives all the time at 23 degrees, 50 minutes Libra, is conjunct Vesta on the Fourth House cusp in the New Moon chart for DC, tightly trine the Sun and Moon and 23 Aquarius. It’s an excellent week to KonMari your home, releasing objects you forgot you even had. (The impeachment trial will take place in the “People’s House,” bringing the energy of the house-cleaning to the Capitol inviting us to partner with cleaning up our country.)

Mercury is retrograde, of course, so we know that this will not be our final time wading through these stories. Whatever gets revealed by the Aquarius New Moon, we will still be processing through March. Mercury is square to Mars, so there’s bound to be conflict. Embrace your inner ox: slow and steady pulls the plough.

Take this opportunity, too, to look with fresh eyes. If you find that, upon hearing the full story, you made a mistake in your decision before, it is okay to revise it. Nobody is always right, right?

If you’d like to take a closer look at the energies of the Aquarius New Moon, I invite you to check out the recordings and slides from my last Sunday’s webinar (MP4 video, MP3 audio, and PDF slides available to purchase for $17 here.)

I’m also looking forward to two events with the Washington State Astrological Association in March. I will be offering a short lecture on Thursday, March 11, 2021 on the “The Pinball Approach to Understanding Your Natal Energy” (my own signature technique), followed by a five-hour Saturday workshop on March 13 called “Predictive Techniques Potpourri,” in which we’ll discuss solid predictive techniques that invite clients to return year after year, including Progressions, Solar Arcs, Progressed Lunar Phases, Eclipses, Midpoints, and Planetary Returns, oh my!

Big hugs to all,

Anne Ortelee

The New Moon in Aquarius
Thursday, February 11, 2021
2:05 pm Eastern
Chart for Washington, DC