Weekly Weather July 16, 2012

Weekly Weather July 16, 2012











Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.

— W.N. Murray from The Scottish Himalayan Expedition, 1951










What a week we have ahead of us!!!! Decisions! Excitement! Challenge! Change! Time to get busy! Woo-hoo…. You are going to have your world rocked ~ especially in the beginning part of the week as Mars moves into square Pluto, oppose Uranus and trine Jupiter and the South Node of release. The big fellows are all having a giant party above our heads. And it could easily break out into a heated argument. Or evolve into passions finally expressed after many months of indecision. Or find Uranus’ and Mercury’s retrogrades dragging a situation or person that you thought was long gone back into your life.


You’ve had since last fall, starting in November, to get clear on what you wanted to do about the matter before you.



Now the moment of choice arrives.



It is time to commit. No more hesitancy. Time to commit.



Listen to your higher vision of what can happen. Talk to the royal, kind and benevolent part of your chart. Have it talk to the other person’s royal, kind and benevolent part of their chart. Appeal to the magnanimous part of each other’s being to navigate the energy successfully. You can do this! The Leo part of each of us wants to shine right now and be seen, be loved and adored. We deeply desire it! Approach that part of the other person and their chart, flowers and heart in outstretched hand as you open your heart to express your fervent wish for the future.  Your Divine Spirit speaks to their Divine Spirit.  Connection.  Love.  Abundance.














Or, failing that, a quick, unanticipated kick to the crotch and a speedy exit is advised!



You will know which technique to employ.



Mars square Pluto is war, action, sex (hot, hot sex!), violence, or taking decisive action, as a partnership, general or warrior to go for what you want, transform, evolve and move towards your power place and resolve the triangle situation before you. Mars oppose Uranus is unexpected, unusual breakthroughs, breakouts or reactions to situations in your life. The trine of Mars to Jupiter and the South Node offers us a choice of how we want to release situations that no longer serve us and start a new 12 year cycle. All good. Except when it is not good.
And, not to be left out ~ Eris, the lovely goddess of discord, stations above our heads at 22:43 Aries opposite to Saturn in Libra. If we’ve been in a discordant situation that has seemed to go no direction but bad, it is time to separate, set a boundary, or put a stop to it. On a cosmic level, you or they have HAD it! The end is here.



Juno, the asteroid of partnerships, relationships and preservation of the traditional status quo is stopping to turn direct at 21 Scorpio, inconjunct to Eris and sitting right next to Saturn, whispering in his ear about his value. That means people are going to be a bit more paranoid than usual about their relationships with each other. Juno used to hunt down Jupiter’s gal pals and torture them ~ this week she might well turn on the old boy. After all, HE was the one who started it!



Sun enters Leo at the end of the week, starting 30 days of fun in the hot, hot sun. We also have a delicious new Moon at 26 Cancer on Thursday with the Sabian Image of A VIOLENT STORM IN A RESIDENTIAL CANYON FILLED WITH EXPENSIVE HOMES. Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the image is:


Commentary: ‘A Violent Storm in a Canyon Filled With Expensive Homes’ shows that a ‘Storm’ has suddenly released its fury on those in its path. The ‘Weather’ that has been unleashed can reflect actual weather, or psychological or emotional conditions. The ‘Homes’ need not be ‘Expensive’, but are places that are “valuable” to the occupants; they usually feel protected and safe. Somehow, a ‘Storm’ has raged through and exactly what will happen next may be rather uncertain.


Oracle: You may find yourself much deeper in a situation than you may have imagined, and now you are caged by the “walls” around you. There is probably no immediate escape from the turbulence that is happening. You may have had some forewarning that this ‘Storm’ was coming; with pressure piling up, threatening to explode at any moment. You may have had no intention or made no particular movements to invoke this ‘Storm’, however it’s out of hand in your environment nonetheless. The best thing to do is to wait it out and protect yourself, and those around you. Although this may have been building for days, or years, many are often taken by surprise at the sudden turn of events or the intensity of what’s being unleashed. An event or something that was said has let loose a torrent of emotional and physical energy that can be hard to contain. In fact, endeavoring to contain it may result in more damage. Things probably need to blow themselves out naturally. A positive outcome may not come to light for awhile, but things will fall back where they are meant to, in the end. Look back to see what you’ve contributed, as it may help to see a way out, or at least reconcile what’s happened. It’s likely that a number of people have been affected. It may be a disaster, or it may end up being a blessing in some way. See if you can rebuild your community – some people may have to be left out of your life, however.


Keywords: Arguments and emotional confrontations. The “pressure cooker” environments of modern-day living. Psychic energy unleashed. Furious emotions. Changing the status quo. Bad weather and its consequences. Rebuilding from the foundations. Living in canyons. Being surrounded by mountainous peaks. The awesome power of nature.


The Caution: Wrongly believing that you are in control of the uncontrollable. Enjoyment of emotional storms and turmoil. Lots of noise that erupts out of nowhere. Whipping things up. Life-threatening behavior. Confrontations. Storm fronts. Social upheavals. Disturbing or violent reactions.


Try to relax and enjoy the crisis. Ashleigh Brilliant Watch out for emergencies. They are your big chance. Fritz Reiner


A man is sometimes lost in the dust of his own raising. David Ruggles


It is your business when the wall next door catches fire. Horace


Rain does not fall on one roof alone. Cameroon Proverb


You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. Barbara De Angelis


“I lose my temper, but it’s all over in a minute, said the student. “So is the hydrogen bomb,” I replied. But think of the damage it produces!” George Sweeting


There is a great deal of unmapped country within us which would have to be taken into account in an explanation of our gusts and storms. George Eliot




Adding to our excitement, a number of planetary configurations are forming because the planets are asking us to evolve…. We have a huge T-square ~ Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Pallas Athena asking us to see the patterns, choose and change. We have a lovely trine in Air with Venus, Jupiter, Vesta, Ceres, The South Node and Mars asking us to take action on our new ideas, hopes and dreams ~ to tell ourselves a new story that becomes the foundation of where are headed next.


We have 4, count them 4, Hammers of Thor ~ that is A LOT of HAMMERS! Let’s put on some MC Hammer music and dance to the Hammer while we talk about the Hammers in the Heavens above!






Hammers of Thor are VERY pushy aspects. They ask us to take action and move forward. Two planets are in a square and they both form a sesquiquadrate aspect to the third ~ the handle. We have stress to take action and hammer out a situation ~ evolve, resolve or smite it. There is a saying that to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Hammers of Thor pound an idea into our head so we get clear on it. Or pound an idea into someone else’s head so THEY get clear on it. Thor would dispatch his hammer to smite his enemies ~ see crotch kicking above. The Hammer could also make the most beautiful and exquisite jewellery ~ see appealing to the royal, kind and benevolent part of yourself and the other. What the Hammer did all depended on what was required at the time… So with FOUR Hammers pounding away in the heavens this week, we can expect to be a nail or maybe to clip our thumb with the darn thing. Or, maybe, just maybe, we are actually ready to be the carpenter instead!? It IS time for us to weild our hammers and create the next chapter of our lives.


One Hammer involves Sun, Saturn and Chiron which the Moon joins and amplifies on the New Moon on Thursday. Chiron is the handle while Sun/Moon and Saturn form the business end. So our wound will change by understanding the ego and emotional needs that caused us to create the structures in our life that need changing or evolving. The second Hammer is Mars, Pluto, with Lillith as the handle. Our actions in partnership or by being indirect that cause strife or power struggles create demons for us that we have to live with, change or destroy. The third Hammer is Chiron, Jupiter, Ceres with Saturn as the handle. The wound of our soul offers us an opportunity to create, relate and nurture others as part of our work in the world with our partners and relationships. And the fourth Hammer is North Node, Chiron, Neptune with the Sun as the handle. Once we finally figure out how our wound connects to our creative spirit and divine purpose, we will be able to move forward towards our destiny and truly shine in our essence. The Business end ~ the square asks us to take action. The handle is where we are going to evolve and change.


We also have a Finger of God pointing us towards our next evolution, inviting us to follow the lead of our soul’s healing and speak our truth to move forward ~ Chiron as the apex with Mercury and Mars as the legs. And there is a mystic rectangle ~ this is one of the big evolutionary weeks for all of human kind ~ It has Venus in it at the beginning of the week, then she moves forward to leave the rest of it creating, guiding and following the silent voice in each of our souls. Venus, Jupiter and Ceres to Mars to North Node of Fate to Uranus, Pallas Athena allows us to see, with the clarity that Uranus brought to us last week, the patterns that created where we are now. Once we see where we are (and more importantly HOW we got here), we know how and what to change to move forward to the next place we are called to. Listen to your inner voice and guides. Pay attention to your dreams this week. Lots of whispering, talking and shouting going on out there in the Universe asking you to take your part in the marvellous circle of creation! Dreams will be particularly potent this week! Pay attention to all the ways the heavens are talking to you and offering guidance.












It is going to be a wild, strange, exciting, argumentative, hot and swirly kind of energy ~ especially in the beginning part of the week when most of the fun stuff takes place.


Me, I am going to my beach house, hoping for a wild and crazy time in my outdoor shower as a cosmic reward for not eating Gluten! Make your plans! Get ready. The Universe beckons!


Void Moons This Week
6:56 am EDT Monday July 16 to 8:31 pm EDT
All Day Void Moon

12:24 am EDT Thursday July 19 to 6:13 am EDT

1:17 am EDT Saturday July 21 to 1:24 pm EDT

8:44 pm EDT Sunday July 22 to 6:38 pm EDT Monday July 23
All Day Void Moon



Moon’s day, Monday July 16 has an all-day Void Moon in Gemini as the tension of the approaching Mars energy to the T-square builds. Mars feels more potent as he approaches and builds. That said, today’s void moon speaks to wanting you to connect to your deeper soul’s vision even as the day swirls around your head and heart. Pallas Athena helps you see where you cause yourself problems in groups. Sun sesquiquadrates Chiron encouraging you to nurture yourself rather than being so mean. Juno stations turning direct so important relationships will need attention. Speak up and say what you want for your life, especially if Juno is sitting on something at 21 Scorpio in your chart. Partnerships and deep relationships are her favorite thing. Uranus encourages creative energies to move out into the world. Or at least to pop into your brain. Write them down so you don’t forget ~ it is going to be a busy week. If you are paying attention, there will be a giant whoosh of energy that erupts next to you ~ catch a ride on it. Jupiter’s declination contra- parallel to Pallas Athena means that YES, you ARE seeing it clearly even if you don’t much like what you are seeing. Duplicity is never fun. Now with Mercury and Uranus both retrograde in Fire, and trine to each other , speak the truth of your heart to achieve a breakthrough or breakup or breakdown. Push, gently, you don’t have to do much as it is ready to shift. Neptune’s square to the home that you’ve built over the years says it is time to change things up.



Mars’ day Tuesday July 17 Moon in Cancer is super, duper , amazingly over the top sensitive. And she is moving through that T-square of Mars, Pluto and Uranus bringing extreme emotion to bear on every situation before her. All of it is happening with the goal to help clarify things. If you’ve been doing your work, it will be a very positive energy. And with Mars setting off everybody’s knickers today, expect lots and lots and lots of action and fireworks. Knickers in a twist are never fun but that is what today holds. Uranus has a contra-parallel to Pallas so people can deny thing or perhaps break up and collapse upon the slightest pressure. Remember strength is strength. It is powerful and enticing. And sometimes, it is scary as all get out. Mars has a trine to Jupiter suggesting you come up with your own answers ~ do some research and see what you think. In our culture, the heated debate over Romney’s SEC filing versus his job running the Olympics versus when he actually LEFT Bain capital versus Obama’s calling him an “outsourcer in chief” is a fine example. From the internet: Mitt Romney can continue to run ads bemoaning serious questions about his career as a corporate buyout specialist, but he can’t run from his record of leading investments in companies that were ‘pioneers’ in outsourcing and investing in foreign tax havens and offshore accounts,” Obama’s campaign said in an email. Expect it to heat up even more. Back when Romney first appeared talking about creating jobs, I wondered when his role as a Vulture capitalist and leading outsourcer ~ buy a company, load it with debt, strip its assets, plunder the retirement reserves, declare bankruptcy, fire the people and walk away with big bucks, would catch up to him. Looks to be about now. So the choice is between a community organizer or an outsourcer? Who do you want as your President? To my mind, today will present you with similar choices in your life. Expect it to heat up. Both are saying the other guy is wrong. See that pattern and break through it to the truth. Look to your tribe for support on the argument taking place in your life right now. Mars squares Pluto offering a fight or the ability to take action, action, action. Sun has a gift of brilliance, offering a new approach or perhaps a different idea. Jupiter has a semi-square to Eris the Goddess of Discord ~ oh yes that gal can get people mighty, mighty stirred up.



Mercury’s day Wednesday July 18 finds Moon in Cancer continuing to release, particularly as she squares Saturn late in the day asking for his wisdom and guidance. She’s psychologically processing and clarifying as she goes. Sun has an set of inspired dreams that can wake you and help you see where you are going next. Chiron’s square to Ceres suggests you see how what you nurture yourself with can cause health problems. (I PROMISE NO MORE GLUTEN!) Time to clean up the mess you’ve created. Dream the new dream. Jupiter has an adjusting aspect to Pluto requesting you live in the moment and connect on a deeper level to the transformation being asked of you. Mercury argues with Pluto ~ some times you just gotta say NOPE, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Today may be such a day. Kick it to the curb and be done with it. Health can have a moment of anxiety as Pluto squares Astraea asking each of us to figure out how we do want to evolve and what it will mean for us. Jupiter’s trine to Astraea offers us an opportunity to expand our options. Eris stations at 22:43 Aries, stirring up T R O U B L E. Remember her goal was to make folks feel act out of jealousy, anger or spite. Five days on either side of her… so from last Friday to next Tuesday. So self check. Do you REALLY need to do that? Or can you take the high road and move more toward what you want. Mars opposes Uranus offering the opportunity to break out of the situation forever. It is a good thing! Give yourself permission to ask for what you want and go for the higher vision that your soul holds! Tell yourself a NEW story with a different ending ~ “ and then they turned to each other and said ‘I will be a mirror for your highest good, your greatest being and your deepest love’. “ It is all about love when we get right down to it. What do you love?



Jupiter’s day, Thursday July 19 finds us experiencing a lovely New Moon at 26 Cancer  ~ great for changing diet, habits and how you nurture yourself.  As we sleep, the New Moon seeds in our being. Often we look to our relationships to nurture us, giving to the other what we want them to give to us.  Today is a good day to think about what you need to do for yourself. Moon moves into Leo bright and early with great closing aspects to Saturn. Leo moons are all about creativity, abundance and joy.  So enjoy Thursday and Friday’s fun and playful energy.  Especially after the beginning part of the week when it was quite a bit tougher.  Mars has a bi-quintile creative aspect to Neptune suggesting the dreams you have tonight are part of your new life. Watch them. Sun joins with Vulcanus offering a whoosh of energy that propels us out into the world. Vesta hits the South Node so there is a loss around the family or home or hearth… something leaves.  It is time for it to go.  Bid it a fond farewell.  Sun’s square to Apollon offers an expansive and very kind energy around family, connections and change. Remember Eris is still stationing talking to these fellows… There may be an attempt to sow discord coming from the feminine side of things. Take it in stride. The sextile of the Sun to Admetos suggests it will be over soon enough. Mars perfects his side of the Finger of God with Chiron… so watch for fated choices and momentous opportunities to shift and change.   Moon has a number of party and relationship aspects tonight so make sure to get out and about to have a good time. You never know who you will meet…


Venus’ day, Friday July 20 continues Moon’s journey through Leo.  She connects with Venus and forms a new alliance.  Uranus is opposite Astraea so take ALL INFECTIONS OR MEDICAL things very seriously and get your butt to a doctor or hospital.  No fooling around with this energy. Things can suddenly shift, for good or bad. The good ones or situations, no problem.  The bad ones or situations, we want to catch quickly and nip in the bud. Mars has a semi-sextile to Poseidon so there can be unexpected or unseen danger from the oceans, infections or your dreams.  This can even show up as guidance from a dream that causes you to overreact emotionally. Mercury’s quintile to Saturn means you are RIGHT but you might be wrong if you stick to that point, especially if it is a stupid argument. So if you are having a dispute with someone about an issue that seems petty and picayune, proceed with caution.  This can be the one fight that causes them to lose it and leave for good.  The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. And in the light of all the OTHER things that have gone on, it IS a silly thing to end a relationship over but whoosh it can go up in smoke and flames in a flash. So proceed with caution and take the high road even if you are in the mood to argue the point. Proceed with love. Hold an outstretched hand.  And if you get a swift kick in the crotch, you might have had it coming… Mercury’s trine to Pallas asks you to see the other side of the story and understand where they are coming from. Take the high road. Jupiter’s sesquiquadrate to Saturn sets off the Hammer of Thor that wants us to own the situations in our lives that we have created ~ perhaps unintentionally ~ but created none the less. Time to restructure our situations and relationships so they support our future growth.  If you have a plant that is ROOT BOUND, you know that it helps to replant it in a new, bigger pot so it can keep growing. Other wise you are going to be a bonsai ~ a lovely, yet tortured and stunted plant.  Give yourself a bigger pot with some fresh, nutrient rich dirt.



Saturn’s day, Saturday July 21 Moon in Leo, void in the morning and enters Virgo shortly after  noon with pleasant closing aspects to Venus ~ if a bit on the overspending side. Moon’s opposition to Neptune offers a lovely set of dreams and clarity around what you want.  Vesta’s square to Hygeia suggest the infection or problem from earlier in the week is settle and you or they get to go home again, released, refreshed and changed.  Chiron’s inconjunct to Astraea offers an opportunity to adjust to the situation before you and try a new approach towards health matters.



Sun’s day Sunday July 22 Virgo Moon encourages you to continue the practical approach you are taking toward your life right now.  Moon answers to Mercury retrograde in Leo trine to Uranus in Aries so it IS a great idea and inspired even if you are not 100% sure how to proceed. Or even if you WANT to proceed for that matter.  Underneath it all, it is inspired by your heart’s deepest desires and goals.  Remember if it is in your heart, it is in your chart. So move toward it. Take baby steps if you need to. Stand and pause to let the anxiety settle down. Mercury is trine to Uranus so anxiety can flare out of no place. All part of evolving. If it was easy, we’d evolve all the time instead of when under duress.  Duress causes anxiety.  So anxiety is to be expected.  Jupiter’s sextile to Uranus will make your mind race ~ and perhaps be unable to see the big picture. So focus on the small picture. Allow it to talk to your heart. Mercury’s fire and action taking sextile to Ceres in Gemini speaks to a choice about how you nurture yourself.  At one point, my friend Anne was dealing with a rather difficult passage in her life. She ran into a quote on a blog that helped regain her focus. “The opportunity to cheat or cut corners presents itself all the time. Yet, the majority of people choose, time and again, to not cheat. There always is a choice.”  You have a choice like that before you.  Choose the high road. Choose the opening of your heart path. Stand in love ~ first for yourself and then for the other. Choose love. When it gets right down to it, love is all we have. Love and our integrity. The rest is illusion. So act with integrity. Choose love. Sun enters the sign of Love, Leo, starting 30 days of playful fun in the sun. Mercury’s sextile to Mars encourages us each to speak our heart’s truth and stand bravely with our heart in our hand (and perhaps our throat).  If doing that doesn’t change things, you do need to leave.  They aren’t ready yet. It is a matter of timing. You are ready. They are not ready. So go. Follow the path and call of your chart.

Lynda Hill’s interpretation appears with her permission. Check out her work at Sabiansymbols.com.

Copyright © 2012 A. C. Ortelee

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