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July 2014
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Weekly Weather July 21, 2014 

















Unfortunately there will be MORE Craziness! There WERE big explosions last Friday, Saturday, Sunday and will be more crazy crazy this Monday and into the early part of the week.  It takes about 5 days on either side of the planetary stations for the energy to decrease in pressure and for the tension to return to normal.  After everyone’s finished blowing up what they need to blow up, we’re off to our next chapter at the New Moon next Saturday at 3:52 Leo.


We have another tough week ahead, as two planets change signs while we recover and stand up again after the four planets that stationed over last week and the weekend.

Sun enters Leo on Tuesday for 30 days of passion, vacation, creativity, abundance, sunshine and seeing things clearly.  Sun and Moon in Leo will form a New Moon right NEXT to Jupiter in Leo on Saturday night. This New Moon inaugurates the Leo energy of Jupiter and essentially launches us out into the world which a giant boost of energy!

Mars enters Scorpio on Friday until September 14.  WOO-HOO. MARS LOVES BEING IN SCORPIO.  He can deeply and truly express his multiple layers of passion, depth, wisdom, and intensity which he combines with deep psychological wisdom (and hot sex!). This week, we finish with Mars in Libra, since December 7, 2013!   Another WOO-HOO.   Since December, Mars has taken us on a long journey in the Libra house of our chart, asking us to take action on and about our understanding of relationships as well as helping us understand the balance (or lack of balance) in the important connections in our life.  Libra rules face to face relationships so Mars in Libra encouraged us to have dialogues, discussions and confrontations with the important or annoying people in our life.  Now that process wraps up.  We roll back to November 1982 for the older folks among my readers and we come up with the plan for the future. Mars retrograde in Libra helped us clarify and connect in a new and different way as we came to a revised, new or different understanding of OUR ROLE in the relationship dynamics.

Next, the harder part: Last week three planets stationed ~ two were Malefics (the mean kind of planet). This week, on Monday, another Malefic, Uranus stations to go retrograde until December 22 and activating the story from April 3 to 5, 2014.  We need about 5 days after the stations to start to feel a reduction in tension.  So all week, we’ll be slowly getting back to normal.  People are going to be extremely on edge.









The other important thing to remember is Uranus and Saturn are inconjunct to each other. Uranus and Saturn are STATIONING in an inconjunct or quincunx all this week too! The symbol looks like a see-saw but is actually more like soaking wet towels getting twisted so the water flows out of them. Last week, the towels twisted one way.  This week, we unravel and then we twist the towels THE OTHER WAY.  This makes for VERY UNSTABLE energy even as it drains all the water out of the wet towels.  It is incredibly stressful energy. It sets up situations ripe for collapses of structures that simply can’t take the structural instability any more. The torque is too much. The tension too strong.  So having survived LAST week, we still need to make it through THIS week, with the two mean planets in a stressful aspect twisting THE OTHER WAY in ANOTHER form of the stressful aspect.











Last week Saturn was retrograde while Uranus was direct ~ this week Uranus is retrograde while Saturn is direct. I anticipate bridge collapses or structures collapsing unexpectedly. And lots of deaths… this is mighty hard energy for healthy people to live through much less folks or pets hanging on by a thread. Any medical issues GET IMMEDIATE HELP.  They can very rapidly turn life threatening and be quite deadly.  No fooling around. Be aggressive in seeking medical care and act very conservatively ~ it isn’t the flu or food poisoning and you’ll just go to bed until you feel better ~ NO, you need to go to the hospital! Check in on your deeply depressed friends or family members too as the twist in energy can make them act out in desperate or suicidal ways.  Judy Collins connects us with the deep sadness of the energy in her song Wings of Angels.


Now for the fun part:  Jupiter in Leo. The Leo house in your chart is where you are drawn to “shine” and express yourself in this life’s incarnation.  It is what you are supposed to do.  Find the Leo house(s) in your chart (make sure to include the house where Leo starts too).  That Leo section of your chart is going to get a HUGE BOOST from Jupiter. Your whole life is about to take off.  Your SUN sign is how you are to express your energy and what you are learning how to do or be in this lifetime. Your Leo house is WHERE you express who you are.  Your Leo house is where your purpose, as defined by your Sun, is deployed.  Think about how you were able to be more authentically YOU the last time Jupiter was in Leo.  Remember back to August 2002, August 1990, September 1978, September 1966, and June 1955.  How were you expressing yourself then?  Jupiter in Leo is all about playful creativity, love, joy and abundance. Connect with your inner child and express those exuberant, childlike, amazed and amazing aspects of your nature. Shine your light. Focus your commitment to your life path.



Planetary Highlights

The Sun goes from 27:42 degrees Cancer to 4:23 degrees Leo.  Sun enters Leo on Tuesday, July 22 at 5:41pm EDT for a thirty-day journey in the sign of his rulership.  He connects with Jupiter by declination on Tuesday and Zodiac on Thursday ~ take time to think about how you want to express yourself for the next 12 years!  He’s asking how you want to SHINE your light!

Mercury goes from 9:03 degrees Cancer to 21:08 degrees Cancer.  He argues with Pluto and Uranus, pointing out their manipulative and silly arguments with each other. They don’t much care so he wanders off to connect with Saturn and Neptune ~ forming a healing grand trine in water that invites you to escape and float in mindless bliss!

Venus goes from 2:18 degrees Cancer to 10:46 degrees Cancer.  Venus is in emotional Cancer.  She trines Neptune and harmoniously dances with the South Node so some sort of juicy relationship or divine expression of joy could arrive in your life between Tuesday and Thursday. Or you could just be depressed and dumped as it is Neptune and the South Node after all!

Mars goes from 27:08 degrees Libra to 0:44 degrees Scorpio.  Mars enters Scorpio on Friday, July 25 at 10:25 pm EDT.  He will be there for 49 days!  WOO-HOO!  We are DONE with Mars in Libra until November of 2015. No more indecisive dilly dallying. We are ROCKING with Mars in Scorpio!

Jupiter goes from 0:54 degrees Leo to 2:27 degrees Leo.  He is mighty close to the New Moon at 3:32 Leo on Saturday ~ which inaugurates our new expansive and creative year of Leo Jupiter! Dream a big dream.  Express your core identity!  Expect the world to smile and invite you in!

Saturn goes from 16:39 degrees Scorpio to 16:41 degrees Scorpio.  He is inconjunct to Uranus but now both have switched directions and are really applying the tension to all structures that are not flexible enough to take it! Bend with the energy.

Uranus stations at 16:30 degrees Aries to go retrograde on Monday, July 21 at 10:53 pm EDT.  He is going retrograde until December 21.  He’s in a real struggle with Saturn which reverses direction this week.

Neptune goes from 7:11 degrees Pisces to 7:02 degrees Pisces. Dream a little dream! Or a big dream!

Pluto goes from 11:53 degrees Capricorn to 11:44 degrees Capricorn.

Chiron quintiles the North Node of Destiny on Thursday and you discover how healed you actually are!

Pallas aspects the Nodes of Destiny asking you to let go of those patterns that are not productive for you on Thursday.  You know what they are. Time to act in your own best interest!

Ceres is quiet this week.

Vesta is quiet this week.   Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit in with your new life!

Juno aspects the Nodes of Destiny.  You’re invited to move forward on a new creative journey, in a new partnership, and to release some of the old partnerships that didn’t create the way you wanted them to. Talk to the people you meet… they have important connections to share with you.

Eris is retrograde so we feel her station until Thursday July 24.

new life
















Void Moons in the Week Ahead: When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns. Kick back, let life flow and center yourself. Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon goes void on Monday, July 21 at 10:13 am EDT.  Moon enters Gemini on Monday, July 21 at 12:36 pm EDT.

Moon goes void on Wednesday, July 23 at 8:53 pm EDT.  Moon enters Cancer on Wednesday, July 23 at 10:59 pm EDT.

Moon goes void on Friday, July 25 at 9:53 am EDT.  Moon enters Leo on Saturday, July 26 at 10:55 am EDT.  Moon is void all day Friday and early Saturday morning.

There’s a New Moon at 3:52 degrees Leo on Saturday, July 26 at 6:42 pm EDT.

Moon goes void on Sunday, July 27 at 8:38 pm EDT.  Moon enters Virgo on Monday, July 28 at 11:37 pm EDT.  Moon is void Sunday night and all day Monday.


new moon july 2014














There’s New Moon at 3:52 degrees Leo on Saturday, July 26 at 6:42 pm EDT.  You want to take some time for a New Moon ritual.  This is a powerful New Moon that sets the Jupiter in Leo to work on his tasks for the next year. That makes it a great time to focus on where you want to spend the time of your life.

The New Moon chart is very angular, suggesting a desire to take action, action, Action!  Mars is in freshly in Scorpio, approaching an action taking square to Jupiter.  There’s a five-planet star cluster in the seventh house of relationships, partnerships, open enemies, best friends and the people we employ in face to face relationships (therapists, agents, accountants, lawyers etc).  The star cluster encourages us to express ourselves, ask for what we want, and to begin new, collaborative, love-and-creativity-based projects with the Other Person we want to be in relationship with.

Sun, Moon, and Jupiter unite on this New Moon in creative Leo to inspire us, help us expand what we want, and move toward our hopes and dreams.  Pluto, sitting tight on the Ascendant while ruling the Midheaven and the Eleventh House of hopes and dreams is not going to take any prisoners, or take “no” for an answer.  Pluto’s opposition to Venus in Cancer in the seventh house, angular, suggests that he will form alliances with people to help him get what he wants.  Pluto angular amplifies the powerful energy of this New Moon chart. It is an excellent Moon for forming POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIVE partnerships and strategic alliances designed to create and grow the foundation for your life as well as to catapult you into a whole new creative process.  Mars, just past the Midheaven, is finally set free from his eight months of captivity in indecisive Libra.  Until the middle of September, Mars in Scorpio is able to command respect and apply considerable energies towards moving forward and getting what he wants.

Essentially, the heavens are in no mood to put up with dilly-dallying, wishy-washy attitudes, or “I don’t know what I want to do.”  As my mother used to say, “It’s time to shit or get off the pot.”  The heavens are essentially saying that to us right now!  The moment has arrived!  Your invitation to the Ball and the opportunity to grab the gold ring is waiting for you! You gotta go and do it or the world is going to pass you by!

Uranus in the Third House inconjunct to Saturn in the Tenth House tells us we are now completely responsible for our choices.  Good, bad, or indifferent, we can’t blame our choices or decisions on anybody else or any external situation.  If we do attempt to blame our problems on other people, Saturn will turn to us and say in his sternest voice, “When are you going to stop blaming other people for your life and your situation?  Take responsibility!  If you don’t like it, change!  In the meantime, no whining.”  Personal integrity is called for.

There is NO air in the chart.  It is not about talking any more. No words.  Just take action. Actions speak louder than words.  No words.  The time for conversation is OVER.  Time to act!

Eight planets are angular in the chart meaning this New Moon wants to move us forward while another eight asteroids are clustered around the Nodes of Destiny driving us to make incredibly important choices.  There’s an enormous push to move forward.  Quite truthfully, it doesn’t really matter where you’re going.  Just start moving forward. Make sure you are doing something you love to do.  Moving and doing will get you where you’re supposed to be.


Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Image is:

Commentary: ‘A Man Formally Dressed Stands Near Trophies’ is an image of someone putting on their best attire and showing something that’s seen by himself and others as being a reward for achieving success in a male dominated arena. These are ‘Trophies He Brought Back From a Hunting Expedition’ and they are his to display or show off. It can be something he’s found, fought, shot or “bagged” in some way. It’s safe to assume that he’s very proud of his success and he may have had to endure incredible stress and dangers to acquire it. Whatever the ‘Trophies’ are, it is one thing to achieve them and another to then display these achievements for all to see.

Oracle: This Symbol shows that there may be the urge, or the need, to impress others. There should always be some form of recognition or award for a job well done. Being proud and having a sense of satisfaction for accomplishing something should be awarded and congratulated. But just what are the rewards and spoils that you’re after? Some people will be pleased with the display, but there’s the possibility of some being uninterested and further, others could be distinctly unimpressed. Think carefully of the effects before you do anything as others may feel jealous or try to shoot you down for showing off. The ‘Trophies’ can be diplomas and awards for performing both physically and academically. Have you truly accomplished something? If so you should be acknowledged and congratulated, OR, are they just “things” that you can claim for yourself without considering where they’ve come from or caring about what had to be done to achieve them?

Keywords: Trophies of conquest. The desire to show oneself. Proving one’s animal instincts for the benefit of social position. Displays of manliness. The spoils of daring and courage. Notches on the belt. Victories over another. Trophies awarded for one’s club, social standing or country. Looking for pats on the back. Diplomas. Guns, rifles, ammunition. Academy Awards. Animal liberationists.

The Caution: Dominating nature with power. Showing off one’s spoils. Warfare and the ravages of it. Keeping tabs on one’s conquests. Boasting of masculine prowess. Living in the past. Arrogance. Seeing things as objects to conquer. Testosterone overloads. Compromises made to attain social acceptance. Envious responses to success.


Lots of people who complained about us receiving the MBE received theirs for heroism in the war-for killing people. We received ours for entertaining other people. I’d say we deserve ours more. John Lennon

There’s always something about your success that displeases even your best friends. Mark Twain

I feel sorry for someone who has to win at everything. Snoopy

One nice thing about egotists: they don’t talk about other people. Lucille S. Harper

I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis, and I don’t deserve that, either. Jack Benny

He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne. Russian Proverb

A sportsman is a man who, every now and then, simply has to get out and kill something. Not that he’s cruel. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s not big enough. Stephen Leacock

The English country gentleman galloping after a fox – the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable. Oscar Wilde

Close, but no cigar. Old saying

















Moon day Monday July 21, 2014  Moon is in Taurus in the morning.  She goes void at 10:13 am EDT and then enters Gemini at 12:46 pm EDT – she is void for a little over two hours.  Uranus is stationing today inconjunct to Saturn at 16:30 degrees Aries.  This brings back the story from April 2 and 3, 2014, as well as the April Eclipses which were pretty dramatic for most of us.  You’re asked to evaluate the changes you’ve made in your life.  Uranus won’t be changing much for a while, as he goes backwards till December. He’ll be asking us to consolidate the changes we’ve made in our lives.  Humans can only take so much change.  Uranus and Saturn have been pushing everybody to evolve, evolve, evolve!  But he also realizes that if he pushes us a bit too hard we could evolve into a nervous breakdown! Time for a rest and consolidation from all the changes.  Or an integration of the changes into the fabric of your life. Today is a highly anxious day, heightened by the stationing Uranus inconjunct to stationing Saturn.  We’re being asked to make permanent adjustments to our understanding of our life and our karma.  We have until December to get those adjustments in place.  Some people have already made their changes.  That means this their opportunity to settle into the new energy and integrate the changes.  If we haven’t made the changes, Saturn will take over the job from Uranus and push us forward, perhaps a bit more sternly but with less chaos than Uranus.  Uranus stations bring explosions, eruptions, chaos, and craziness, for the five days before and after.  Witness the up shoot in violence in the Middle East as well as the Malaysia Airlines plane being shot out of the sky last week.  Sun’s contraparallel to Pluto and sextile to Admetos encourage us to let go gently.  Letting go doesn’t need to be dramatic (although you might want it to be!).  You need to go forward now.  Jupiter’s gentle relationship with Neptune today can bring a note of sadness or wistfulness, especially around situations or times from the past that seem very, very far away.  Yes, it was definitely easier back then.  You’re here now, where you are.  The heavens are calling you to move forward.


Mars day Tuesday July 22, 2014  Moon is in Gemini with a productive closing aspect – a trine to Mars – makes today a rocking-and-rolling accomplishment-oriented day.  Lots of dreams last night with important messages so make sure to write them down and pay attention to their messages!  Mercury’s opposition to Pluto indicates that the deal is probably not going to happen.  You need to let go and move forward, maybe in another direction?  Watch for unproductive triangles, power grabs and generally unsavory behavior.  Fortunately, Sun enters Leo at 5:41 pm EDT for 30 days of expansive creativity, joy, abundance and play.  Venus quintile South Node suggests that you hear from an old loved one, or perhaps come into contact with some old love letters.  Shred and release!  Sun parallels Jupiter, inviting us to develop our bigger vision for the New Moon coming this weekend.  Plan to set aside sometime Saturday evening for a creative ritual celebrating the new energy of Jupiter in Leo.


Wednesday Mercury’s day July 23, 2014  Moon is in Gemini until she enters Cancer at 10:59 pm EDT.  Today has very few aspects to pull you off track.  Moon trine Mars, which is building all day, until she goes void at 8:53 pm EDT, which encourages productivity and the ability to get things moving, finalized and done.  Finalize the paperwork – get proposals, applications, and ideas OUT THE DOOR.  Ideas, ideas, Ideas. Proposals, proposals, deals and meetings.  Wrap it up and get it done.  Great day for finishing lingering projects.


Jupiter’s Day Thursday July 24, 2014  Moon is in Cancer with a closing aspect of a conjunction to Mercury making it solid for connecting and merging with others.  Today has oodles of aspects, all reasonably productive, encouraging us to get a great deal accomplished and finished by the end of the day.  Venus’s trine to Neptune, bright and early in the morning, wakes you up with a smile on your face, and an opportunity to be creative and play nicely with others.  Moon’s aspect with Neptune and Venus midday, increases the sense of pleasure, and pushes you toward working on your dream in a happy and contented manner.  Sun’s union with Jupiter in the afternoon starts a new one-year cycle of creativity around your self-expression and gets us ready for Saturday’s upcoming New Moon in Leo.  Mercury’s aspects with Uranus and Saturn tonight present unusual changes on the way you’re approaching your structures.  Eris dives into the South Node today.  Watch out for angry women or violent eruptions in the Aries house in your chart.  The Feminine is Quite Angry.  Pallas Athena points out the patterns that you might not want to look at but that you need to be aware of AND accountable for.  Exhausted, you’ll fall into bed to go into another turbulent and messages filled night of dreams.


Friday Venus’s Day July 25, 2014  Moon is in Cancer, going void at 9:53 am EDT.  Moon is void all day long.  Friday is an important day to process and review all that’s gone on in the week before you using the Void Moon’s invitation to kick back and take it easy.  Take time to review everything that has happened since December 2013 ~ when Mars entered Libra. Today Mars finishes up his long, long, journey, with a big juicy retrograde between March 1 to May 19, in Libra.  Mars has been in Libra for eight long months!  This sojourn ends tonight, when Mars goes into Scorpio at 10:25 pm EDT.  In understanding the journey Mars has taken you on over the last eight months, by going back and forth in Libra, he has helped you clarify what and who and how you want to partner.  And if you aren’t clear what you want by now, you won’t be clear any time soon! Maybe you are clear what you DON’T want… well reverse engineer that into what you DO want. Yes, it is that easy!  Once Mars gets into Scorpio we have almost two months of rocking and rolling, action-taking, passionate energy.  Throw in some hot sex and a burst of energy and you’ve got a great ride on the Red little fellow to look forward to! Today is the last day of the slow-moving, sentimental time Mars in Libra time. Mars in Scorpio is all about Action! Action! Action!  Mercury’s trine to Chiron suggests that you hear wounding words, which need to be listened to but not taken to heart.  They are Mars’s last message to you.  And the story from Fall 1982 could be up and dancing around the living room as Mars stimulated it during the week. Release and let it go!


Saturn’s Day Saturday July 26, 2014  Moon is void till 10:55 am EDT, when she enters Leo.  Today the Moon, Sun, and Jupiter play together like happy kids in a sprouting water fountain on a hot day.  Such creatively in Leo!  The Sun and Moon are excited to set sail on a new 12-year life journey!  The New Moon today not only initiates the 30-day month of this moon and the two-and-a-half-year lunar family phase creative cycle on April 25, 2015, January 23, 2015 and October 22, 2016.  It’s also the official start of the new 12-year cycle begun by Jupiter entering Leo as the Sun and Moon initiate and bath the lights in the new creative, exuberant energy of Jupiter now in Leo!  The New Moon inaugurates that Jupiter in Leo energy with a firm and solid emotional heft and brand new burst of life!  Juno’s aspect to the Nodes of Destiny tonight can bring a new partner in, or invite you to partner with yourself to create something exciting for your own future.


Sun’s day Sunday July 27, 2014  Moon is in Leo, going void at 8:38 pm EDT.  Mercury’s sesquiquadrate to Neptune at 7:05 pm EDT suggests that some of the dreams you have articulated might not be practical.  Not to worry.  Dream bigger rather than smaller.  Moon’s square to Saturn recognizes that the past is past, done and finished.  As you psychologically wrap up the last nine months of Saturn in Scorpio and start to earnestly move forward, you understand how much you’ve changed since you were sixteen years old.  You understand what you want to commit to now.  You understand the depths of your passion and the purpose of the next chapter of your life. Uranus contraparallels Vesta, separating and breaking free from a situation around things you used to call or feel were your home.  You can’t go back.  That story’s finished.  You can only go forward. As Tony Kushner says, “The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come. Bye now. You are fabulous creatures, each and every one. And I bless you: More Life. The Great Work Begins.”

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Lynda Hill’s work appears with her permission.  Check her out at


Copyright© 2014 A.C. Ortelee