Anne Ortelee offers three FREE weekly podcasts!

On Sunday nights Anne solo hosts a Weekly Weather Podcast.  This is a general Astrology lesson that offers helpful information on the planetary movements of the week ahead!

Click here to listen: Weekly Weather Podcast

On Wednesday nights Anne joins noted Astrologers Heather Roan Robbins (of St. Paul, MN) and Mark Woltz (of New York, NY) for the Access Astrology Podcast. This is a brief Astrology discussion culminating in taking listeners’ calls and responding to written questions.  This is a great resource for beginner and intermediate Astrologers as they have access to three professionals each with a unique perspective analyzing several charts each week.

Click here to listen: Access Astrology Podcast

On Thursday mornings Anne joins psychologist and lawyer Michael Colberg for Scorpios Talking.  They discuss approaches to working with different kinds of energies and how to navigate soulfully and purposefully through these challenging times.  Anne started this program when several of her students were going through their Saturn returns in Scorpio.  Excellent for the Pluto in Scorpio generation (or any Scorpios out there)!

Click here to listen: Scorpios Talking



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