Anne will be speaking at the Rocky Mountain Astrologers in beautiful Boulder, Colorado in April 2017!  Join her for a talk on Thursday or a workshop on Saturday.

‘Uranus and Eris’

$15 members/$25 Guests

Thursday, April 20 2017


Uranus and Eris are joining above us the sky. Eris is a newly discovered planet, and will be making her way into our consciousness as she meets up with creative Uranus in fiery passionate Aries. Jupiter and Pluto will soon be working with Eris too!  We’ll explore how these energies combine, joining to start us on a new cycle of consciousness. Similar to the eighteenth-century Enlightenment – life will never be the same!

‘Mapping Your Life Workshop’

Members $60/Guests $70

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Mapping Your Life

TO REGISTER: Contact Kim de Noüe at or (303) 588-8770

A day long hands on Astrology Workshop/Funshop learning and working with various astrology techniques to Map Your Life. Students will first work with the chart of a famous person to learn a technique. After understanding a technique, Students will work with the chart supplied at registration. Students can work with their own chart (suggested) or the chart of a person close to them.

Techniques will include Transits, Secondary Progressions, Lunar Phases, Nodes, Planetary Returns, Solar Arcs, Midpoints, Pinball, and Lifespan Declination. At the conclusion of the Workshop/Funshop, each Student will leave with an integrated Map of their Life as well as suggestions and ideas on how to work with their natal potential and upcoming life events.

Often Astrology is taught transit by transit to the natal chart. In this Workshop/Funshop, we’ll endeavor to see each and every life as a whole, integrated, soul experience. You’ll come to understand how the events of your life combine to create the beautiful kaleidoscope and shimmering tapestry of you. As we fly over your life at 20,000 feet, you’ll integrate the life events, turning points and pivotal moments of your life in a new way.

Bring your art supplies – pens, markers, colored pencils etc.

TO REGISTER: Contact Kim de Noüe at or (303) 588-8770

*You must send your birth information to Anne by Monday April 17, 2017 to receive your personalized set of charts for the workshop. 

Location for Lectures & Workshop: Naropa Nalanda Campus, 6287 Arapahoe Ave. (63rd & Arapahoe), Room 9246, (New Room), Boulder, Colorado

More information HERE