astrology-bookEach astrologer develops their own unique approach to astrology, consultations and working with clients. Astrology is a unique combination of science, magic, nuts and bolts, physics, and art. Each chart presents a mix of both fate and free will ~ you were born (fate) but what you do with your life is YOUR choice with a varying mix of fate and free will thrown in to make it interesting and keep you paying attention.

I view your chart as your cosmic DNA. At the moment you were born, the placement of the planets in the sky describes the purpose and outlines the path or arc of your life. Looking at an accurate astrological chart is similar to examining the genes in each cell of your being. A chart describes the various energies of who you are, resemble or act like, what you like, dislike, do or don‘t do, where you’ll go ~ your potential so to speak, when you’ll have important crossroads, and how the crossroads will look and feel so you can spot them coming to take full advantage of them.

We can discuss why you are here, what you want to do and how your chart will help (or hinder) you in getting there. One goal can be to understand and maximize how your chart can help you. Our second goal can be techniques on how to minimize how or where your chart hinders you.

I trained as a predictive astrologer. I combine my astrological skills with my previous computer, business, psychology, philosophical, theological and science experiences and training to produce useful analysis, as well as future forecasts for my clients.

Depending on what type, if any, of predictive work, you’d prefer, I can prepare detailed date, energetic themes or peak dates to work toward. Some clients like detailed predictive work and dates while others prefer more energy themes.

What we’ll cover in our session is completely up to you. Make sure to let me know if there are specific questions or concerns that you have ~~ particularly in our first meeting.

You, as the client, bring your knowledge of how your life works.

I, as the astrologer, bring my astrological knowledge of how your chart says your life works.

We meet each other in a consultation, in person or by phone.

Our two separate visions of you will match, mirror and reflect each other.

I’ll talk, you’ll talk (as much or as little as you would like).

We’ll spend our time together exploring the mysteries, secrets, potentials, dreams and workings of how your cosmic map reflects your life experiences.

And, then, the magic begins.

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