August 28-30, 2019, Baltimore, Maryland

OPA is organizing three Peer Group sessions in Baltimore, just ahead of the NCGR conference.

Conveniently, the workshop takes place at the same hotel of the conference: Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor Hotel

There are three Group Leaders to choose from: Maurice Fernandez, Anne Ortelee, and Kay Taylor.

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About the program 

Each group consists of 4 participants maximum, so there is only space for 12 participants.

Participants must have at least 6 months of paid client reading practice.

The program takes place from 9am to 4pm during the three days (Aug 28-29-30). Each day is focused on an different area of our practice:

Participating in the Peer Group Process is one step toward being Certified by OPA!

DAY 1 (August 28)

Discuss client work (Sharing wisdom and vulnerability).

How to improve the dynamics and performance, and speak about clients you had difficulties with and what were the issues. The group will look at the chart of a client you may have had struggles with and provide valuable perspective on possible solutions.

DAY 2 (August 29)

Share your style of chart reading with your group (Trading places with our clients, learning about different analysis styles).

Each participant is invited to analyze the chart of another participant. This is a perfect way to learn about different techniques and see how astrologers draw different themes from the same chart.

DAY 3 (August 30)

Your vision, your business plan, your future. (Nurturing our development and ways to be realistically successful).

Put numbers to your dreams! This is a time to discuss and write down how to make your dreams come true, how to practically make your practice successful, fulfilling and enjoyable. This is a time to discuss how to take things higher, or perhaps scale it down…whatever is in line for your astrology practice and yourself to thrive!

Early Bird Discount – $395 by April 1

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About the Group Moderators

Maurice Fernandez



Maurice Fernandez, author of the books Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces (NEW Edition) and Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness—Volume One, is one of the leading Evolutionary Astrologers. Currently based in Arizona, his educational programs and reading practice have forged a worldwide reputation of depth and excellence. Maurice is OPA certified and currently serves as OPA President, looking forward to expanding the reach of Astrology and enhancing quality and depth.

Kay Taylor



Kay Taylor offers a compassionate and transformational view of astrology, weaving together a unique integration of evolutionary astrology, intuitive mastery and the empathic spiritual psychology of psychosynthesis. Kay is OPA Certified, ISAR CAP and NCGR Level II certified, and is an OPA Consulting Skills trainer and Peer Group leader. Kay wrote for for many years, and a chapter for the OPA book The Professional Astrologer. Her book Soul Path Way was published in 2016. Kay currently serves as OPA’s Education Director. Sheresides in the SF Bay area and has maintained a thriving full-time practice for over 30 years.

Anne Ortelee



Anne is an astrology consultant based in New York City. She is certified by four major astrology organizations in the United States. She is certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) as a Level 3 Astrologer. She is certified by the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) as a AMAFA. She is OPA Certified, and a Peer Group Leader, and she is internationally certified by the International Society for Astrological Research as an ISAR-CAP. Anne currently serves on the OPA board as the treasurer.


We have reserved 6 standard rooms at the conference rate of $149 + tax for the Peer Group dates (starting Aug 27 to the end of the NCGR conference). These rooms can be shared with another participant. This way you will not need to change rooms when the Peer Group ends.

To reserve your room, you must first sign up for the event and then let us know you want to book the room (no online booking at this price).

For more details, contact Angelina Gronlund at   

Find out more about the Peer Group Work and Certification Process

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Cancelation fee: $75 until July 15, 2019

No refund, but transferable after July 15.

No refund and not transferable after August 10.