Engage the Chart

A weekend astrological intensive


March 14-15, 2020~  10-5 pm Intermediate-advanced level

Learn how to use consultation charts, communications clues, and harmonic charts to enter a chart and engage the client. Practice on your own chart and in small groups.

Saturday: With lecture and in-depth, hands-on supervised practice sessions, three astrologers give you their different skills and approaches to prepare for reading, get to the heart of the matter, and engage the client.

Sunday: Practice your new consultation skills using the techniques of harmonic charts.

Mark Wolz: How to use consultation charts to prepare for the reading.

Heather Roan Robbins: Use chart signatures to read the client, know how to engage them in a language they can hear, and reach the heart of the matter. Develop your unique structure to engage the chart and dive into a reading.

Anne Ortelee:  Harmonic Charts based on principles of resonance present in every horoscope. Refine your understanding and use of aspects and rhythms in the chart. We’ll explore several of the more interesting harmonics in depth, how they interconnect with your natal chart, and how you can use them in a reading.  

TRS Professional Suite

40 Exchange Pl, New York, New York 10005

Price: $195 advance sale. $225 at door

To register: accessastrology2020.eventzilla.net

Register for the Workshop at: https://accessastrology2020.eventzilla.net/web/event?eventid=2138754159