Anne will be speaking at the United Astrologers Conference (UAC) in Chicago, IL, May 2018!

‘Mystic Rectangles’

Track: Philosophical Spiritual Esoteric

A planetary configuration formed by two trines, two sextiles and two oppositions, Mystic Rectangles invite, compel, and encourage the chart’s owner to follow a “calling” or “god’s whisper in the ear”.  We’ll explore Mystic Rectangles ~ the good, the bad and the interesting twilight spaces of hearing, knowing and figuring out how to answer the soul’s yearning/calling. We’ll work with Transits, Progressions and Arcs as triggers to the Mystic Rectangle which initiates the soul’s journey.

‘Afflictions to Venus’

Track: Natal Chart Delineation

Buddha says: “You could search the whole world over and never find anyone as deserving of your love as yourself.”  Afflictions to Venus cause a deep disturbance to the sense of our own worth and value.  Dalai Lama “Self-hatred is far more extreme than being in a depressed state, it is very, very dangerous.”  Venus afflictions need the assumptions and hesitations challenged and the capacity for freedom and happiness brought forth and celebrated.