Anne is on the board of the Organization for Professional Astrologers and will both appear on panels and lead a teaching track at the conference in October in beautiful Zion, Utah!


The theme of this year’s retreat is ‘the Art of Living and Dying’


Anne will appear on a panel in which she will discuss:

Answering Tough Questions about Death, Illness, and Decline

When seeing challenging issues in the chart, how do we convey that to the client? We’ll explore various responses to the question.


Anne will lead Track 4: Astrology Fundamentals.  This track is ideal for beginner Astrologers or those eager for review.

The track will cover a bit of history about astrology, how everything under the Sun and in our world is included in  astrology, and what is a horoscope.  Your chart is a picture of the hour you were born.  You will learn basic pieces of the language of the stars- Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.  Anne will cover what each planet does both personally and collectively,  how signs behave in both the public and personal arenas, how to analyze horoscope charts and how to put it together by looking at a “mystery chart” as well as your own.   There will be time to practice these skills in groups and with direct guidance from Anne.


Anne will appear on a special panel on Astronomy for Astrologers in which she will discuss:

Common Astronomy Terms

What terms do astrology and astronomy share? Often astrologers wonder which “words” are used by both practices! There are quite a few shared terms as we both study the heavens! Numerous examples like perigee, apogee, meridian, zenith will be covered so you can safely chat with astronomers.